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Nevada's Sexual Assault Kit Legislation

In the 2017 Legislative Session, Nevada's Sexual Assault Kit Backlog Working Group put forth a bill to ensure current untested sexual assault kits are tested in a timely manner, and to reduce the chances of future backlogs. With the passage of Assembly Bill (AB) 97, beginning on October 1, 2017, it was mandated that all sexual assault kits in Nevada be submitted to a designated forensic laboratory within 30 days of collection. As a part of our commitment to addressing the current backlog and ensuring Nevada continues to take a victim-centered approach to justice, the Office of the Nevada Attorney General also urged the Legislature to include a mandatory testing timeline for sexual assault kits. As a result, AB 97 also designates laboratories to test kits within 120 days of receipt and enter eligible profiles into the CODIS database system.  

For more information on Assembly Bill (AB) 97 and other requirements resulting from this legislation, click here


Reports Related to Nevada's Sexual Assault Initiative

The office of the Nevada Attorney General submitted the following report to Nevada's Legislature in order to describe the progress of Nevada's Sexual Assault Kit Backlog Working Group between July and December, 2017. The report also provides historical background on Nevada's backlog of untested sexual assault kits, an update on significant developments within the initiative, and available statistical information related to the progress made by the end of 2017.

Semiannual Sexual Assault Kit Initiative Report

The Nevada Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence has created a 2018 Sexual Assault Compendium to provide sexual violence advocates and survivors with a reference guide to sexual assault laws in Nevada. Related statutes are summarized in alphabetical order with the headings hyperlinked to view laws in their entirety. The Compendium will be updated following each biannual legislative session.


For Law Enforcement

Survivors with privacy concerns can fill out the "Pseudonym for Sexual Assault Survivors" form to ensure a pseudo name will be used on all public files related to their sexual assault in place of their real name. Survivors can also choose whether to release their real name, address and phone number to specified law enforcement agencies and programs with this form.

Pseudonym for Sexual Assault Survivors Form

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