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More Rape Kits in Southern Nevada Being Tested After New Law


thumbnail-02-27-18 Police have worked through a chunk of untested rape kits in less than a year since state legislators passed a law to address massive backlog.

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Nevada Officials Promise to Test 6,300 Stored Rape Kits



thumbnail-05-30-15 With thousands of untested rape kits going back three decades, Nevada's attorney general and police officials in the state's two most populous counties are promising to examine each one.


Rape, Suspended in Time


thumbnail-09-07-15 The kit sealed, turned over to police and stored as evidence. But it never gets tested. This is the story of tens of thousands of survivors of sexual assault whose rape kits sit untested in evidence lockers across the country as the assailants go free.


Nevada to Get $5.6M to Clear Backlog of Untested Rape Kits 


thumbnail-09-10-15 The funding is a result of a statewide Sexual Assault Kit Working Group led by the Nevada Attorney General's Office to create policies and procedures associated with the backlog. These procedures would assist in identifying suspects and prosecuting cases through investigation and DNA evidence. Funding will be allocated toward finding ways to address the backlog, as well as other investigative and prosecutorial tasks.


Nevada Lawmakers Approve Funds to Test Backlog of Rape Kits


thumbnail-12-16-15 A DNA match can be crucial to prosecuting a sex assault case. The emergence and refinement of DNA evidence testing, along with the expansion of nationwide criminal DNA databases, are credited with helping to solve cases that might otherwise have rested on third-party witness testimony.


Nevada Attorney General Expects to Receive First Results from Rape Kit Backlog


thumbnail-05-31-16 The Nevada Attorney General's "Sexual Assault Kit Working Group" expects to receive test results from local jurisdictions on the state's backlog of sexual assault kits by the end of June.

Nevada Receives $1.17M to Help Erase Backlog of Untested Rape Kits


thumbnail-12-15-16 A panel of lawmakers Thursday accepted a $1.17 million federal grant to continue to chip away at the backlog of thousands of untested rape kits in Nevada.

Nevada Makes Progress Testing Backlog of Rape Kits


thumbnail-03-27-17 Nevada continues to make progress on testing a backlog of rape kits from Southern Nevada, with 2,456 sent for analysis and 984 of those completed.


Uniting to Solve Sexual Assault Crimes


thumbnail-03-28-17 A sexual assault kit is the cornerstone of any sexual assault investigation, potentially holding critical DNA evidence for law enforcement.


Rape Kit Bill Adds Laxalt Amendments, Passes Nevada Assembly Committee


thumbnail-04-12-17 An amended version of a bill that would require testing on all sexual assault forensic examination kits received widespread support during an Assembly Judiciary Committee meeting Wednesday.


$4M Funding to Help Clear Nevada Backlog in Rape Kit Testing


thumbnail-08-24-17 Nevada's growing backlog of untested kits could shrink significantly thanks to a $4.35 million injection of funding approved Thursday.


State Awards $2.7 Million for Sex Assault Kits in Las Vegas


thumbnail-12-12-17 The Board of Examiners on Tuesday awarded $2.7 million to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police to pay for testing backlogged sexual assault kits. That follows the grant of $1.64 million to the Washoe County crime lab in October.





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